Kirkus Reviews labeled The Journal of Curious Letters science fiction for ages 10–12 and called it "the start of a series that will capture the imagination of young and old alike. ... though there are chunks of text that are overwritten, the telling is generally laced with a strong sense of humor and a sure hand at plot; the author is plainly in tune with today's fan base." One year later, Kirkus labeled The Hunt for Dark Infinity fantasy for ages 10 and up. The story features the "next assignment" for "the trio" Tick, Paul , and Sofia. "Readers will be as puzzled as the characters, who tumble from one complex and outrageous situation to the next, rescued from each at the last minute—sometimes with no explanation. But it all holds together remarkably well, encouraging suspension of disbelief to make way for glorious flights of imagination." Kirkus credited illustrator Bryan Beus but did not comment on his contribution. Evidently it did not cover the third or fourth volume at all.

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