Sofia Pacini is a thirteen year old girl from Italy in Reality Prime. Her family is famous for their spaghetti and are rather wealthy. It is hinted at that her parents do not take much interest in her. Sofia was recruited by the realitants via letter, the same as Atticus and Paul. She comes into contact with Tick after he posts online about the letters from Master George.

Sofia acts very tough and will not hesitate to hit somone, especially Paul.In the first book she was spanked by Reginald Chu.She is also very smart and was able to answer some of the riddles in the letters that Paul and Tick could not. Sofia also cares a lot about her friends. She saved Tick by stunning him when the Realitants were at Chu Industries and he was causing the building to collapse.



Physical AppearanceEdit

Dark black hair, olive skin.



"Nobody, nobody messes with a Pacini!"